Learn the secret top models’ diet and lose weight daily while adding lean muscles!

If you have been wondering what models eat in order to maintain their proportions then you are in the right place. It is known that models are required to be very skinny in order to gain a place in the fashion industry and improve their career. In this article you will find the answers to every question regarding a model’s diet, so keep reading to find what you are looking for.

Their diet includes:

  • Oats
  • Protein-based meals
  • Smoothies
  • Fresh vegetables and fruit
  •  Nuts (almonds, chia seeds etc.)
  • High antioxidants (berries, carrots, etc.)
  • A lot of water
  • Bonus: Treats & snacks- according to each models preference.

Apart from all kinds of food mentioned above- we all know that they constitute a base to a healthy diet-, we are going to look deeper into a model’s life and discover new recipes and combinations of foods, that will boost your metabolism and take your meals to the next level. In addition to that, we are going to delve into myths and other questions concerning food in the fashion industry.

With respect to the food a model consumes during a day, this article will be a detailed guide of a model’s life. Let’s get to the point.

One of the most well-known model agencies right now is that of Victoria Secret. Everyone knows at least one of her models and many famous women have been part of her team and shows, including Gisele, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, the sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, Barbara Palvin etc. The list could be going on and on, and judging by their impressive looks and proportions, they have us dying to know what their diet includes.

It is hard to be part of the VS model team, so that makes people wondering what does a model eat during a day. A model’s life is pretty limited, as models unfortunately cannot work in the industry forever. This makes them want to try and present their best shape possible.

An unofficial guideline–as it does not apply to each model worldwide-, is the 5-meals-per-day rule. Eating small meals every 3 hours is what some models follow so as to stay fit, and it seems sensible, as many nutritionists recommend it as well.

Nevertheless, there are other opinions, such as this of Stephen Pasterino, who claims that three reasonable meals per day should be enough. He also advises to avoid snacking, even though it is very hard to stay snack-free in between meals.

Top Models Breakfast

To begin with, the most important meal of the day according to scientists and nutritionists is breakfast, and models couldn’t be omitting it. Breakfast varies between the girls, as some prefer an avocado toast with eggs; others choose oatmeal with cinnamon and raw honey, and of course, for those in a hurry, protein smoothies. Overnight oatmeal, is a great choice for breakfast as well, as it can be prepared the night before and it contains protein, fiber, grain and helps with losing weight.

A simple recipe is soaking the oats in milk of your preference (or water), and then adding chia seeds, nuts, honey, agave or maple syrup as a sweetener, fruits and berries, dried fruits, yoghurt, and let them sit in the fridge overnight. Basically with your imagination the options are infinite!

Of course, they couldn’t be missing out of the current trend, which includes smoothie bowls and granola, also combined with yoghurt and nuts. Occasionally, some of them make protein pancakes, their own homemade granola or smoothie bowls with berries and walnuts, almonds or Greek yoghurt with fruit, which are high in fiber and vitamins. They also prefer to include most of the carbs in their morning meals, as they can be burned more easily later on while they work out.

Top Models Lunch

Concerning the second basic meal of the day, models choose protein-based dishes. Their lunch includes chicken or fish with -always- a side of grilled or boiled vegetables. Some of their most frequent meals are chicken salads, grilled chicken or fish. Of course, each model’s diet is different and unique, as they have different preferences when it comes to food.

Keep in mind that the same diet are following apart from the top models, many famous pornstars, escorts and call girls that want to keep their form and not to put on weight.

Spices like cayenne pepper and ginger, are also a good addition to make their lunch more delicious and at the same time fat-burning, as certain spices boost the metabolism. We should not forget quinoa which can replace white rice as it is healthier, contains fewer carbohydrates, and it constitutes a favorite choice for a model’s salad or side meal.

One of the dishes models choose as their lunch and it’s a must-try, is the grilled chicken breast with asparagus, lemon and herbs which is very easy to make but impressive and super healthy at the same time. And last but not least, we could not omit the chicken with brown rice and teriyaki sauce which is a main dish for lots of models.

Top Models Dinner

A model’s dinner is always the lightest meal of the day, especially if her breakfast or lunch has been richer. After all, even everyday people keep their dinner simple as they know it is harder to digest it at night. More specifically, models prefer to have either a soup (veggie or with protein), a light fresh salad with greens, and proteins either cooked or raw such as sushi.

Now I am sure that you are thinking that they have such a structured meal planning, and that they cannot exceed their calorie intake, but that is not true. During events, gathering with friends or even in a simple day, they have comfort food, a steak in a grill house, a hot dog and a burger at a BBQ party etc. Supermodels such as Emil Ratajkowski also order take out and pizza or have pastries for snacks, even though their looks are leaving us speechless.

A popular meal taken from a model’s diet is of course salmon with some lettuce and arugula salad sprinkled with simple vinaigrette and for those cheats days, maybe some sweet potatoes as a side.

Top Models Snacks

For those “brave” models who keep snacks in their lives, because either they cannot live without them or they just follow the “small and frequent meals rule” we have to say that they get creative and produce a variety of snacks. Most models always carry some healthy granola or protein bars in their purse as they have a pretty busy lifestyle, while others have unusual snacking habits like Bridget Malcolm, who loves consuming cherry tomatoes as a snack!

Part of the snacks are always fruits and vegetables, including fruits of the berry family such as raspberries, strawberries and blueberries, nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, fruit juices and smoothies, which often make up a whole meal.

Gigi Hadid’s and Kendall Jenner’s favorite snack are carrots dipped in hummus, while Izabel Goulart prefers a protein shake either before or after a workout.

Although models generally avoid carbs, they allow themselves to eat brown rice or Ezekiel bread which contains no sugar once or twice a month respectively. Their natural source of carbohydrates comes from vegetables.

Concerning their water intake, models drink up to 2 liters of water per day, to keep their bodies hydrated both on the inside and outside. This is a habit every person should adopt, as water helps detoxify and cleanse the body and boosts the metabolism.

What is a top models calorie intake?

Concerning the calories they consume during a day, that depends on whether they want to keep their weight steady or if they wish to lose or gain weight for the sake of an event or a fashion show. Answering to that, the average number of calories a model should consume is 1500-2000 per day. In addition to that, models who aspire to lose some weight (for example while recovering from an accident, a pregnancy or after a pause from modeling) can be eating meals containing 900-1200 calories during a day, which is highly dangerous, as consuming less than 1300 calories can lead to severe damage to their body’s system.

But, on the other hand, there are models who train very hard from time to time, so then, they consume up to 3000 cals! This happens often prior to shows or interviews for new jobs, but then again with such intensive training it is justified, as their bodies need some fuel to keep them going.

Are dairy products excluded from a model’s diet?

Another thing that many people must be wondering is whether models need to cut out some foods permanently from their diets. And the most common one is of course: dairy products. Apart from those people who are lactose intolerant and therefore cannot digest dairy, a large number of people today seem to stop consuming dairy products and changed into plant or nut-based ones. It is a sacrifice that models have to go through too, as dairy products tend to bring bloating, swelling, or stomach pain, and the truth is that if you are walking at a runway with swimsuits and lingerie the last thing you need is a bloated stomach!

Not every model has cut out dairy as not everyone follows a strict diet, but the majority of them have kept maybe one or two dairy-based products, like Greek yoghurt which is a must- and have changed the rest to plant and nut-based ones.

Cutting out dairy would be a more “important” sacrifice back in the day, because a large amount of meals contain them. But living in 2020 has made this choice so much easier as there are many substitutes for cow’s milk such as coconut, soya, oat, almond or even pistachio milk. There are also butters made out of nuts (almond,  cashew, tahini, pumpkin seed etc.), yoghurts made out of coconut or almond milk and a ton of gluten-free products in the market, making it very easy to keep a healthy diet.

Do models choose intermittent fasting?

Another recent “norm” of today in terms of weight loss is intermittent fasting. This kind of fasting has nothing to do with religious issues, on the contrary, it is a pause between fasting and eating, where the body is trained and becomes healthier. A simple example of this method is the pause between dinner and breakfast. If 10 to 14 hours go by between these two meals, then you are considered to practice intermittent fasting.

As it restrains your appetite and helps with losing weight, intermittent fasting is often chosen by models, because during the 10-14 hours, the body burns fat cells looking for energy. Overall, fasting improves their energy levels, helps them sleep better for the reason that their dinner has to be from 6-8 pm, so their stomachs are not full at the time they go to bed, and lastly, they consume fewer calories during a day. Even if a model does not commit to fasting, a golden rule she follows is that of “not eating 3 hours prior to sleeping”, as every food consumed leaves behind its calories.

How often do models workout?

Nobody can have a perfect body without sweating in the gym for certain hours a week. Okay, actually some people can due to genetics and their highly functional metabolisms, but this is first of all unfair and secondly a whole other chapter. For that matter, the majority of models have to spend some time working out and that could be running on the treadmill, using the elliptical machine or lifting weights. Not all of them do so at a gym though, as they can have personal trainers at home, prefer another way of working out such as boxing, engaging into sports or taking long strolls and hiking.

Their workouts depend on their preferences and the schedule they are currently following. For example a 15-hour photo shooting at the beach which also requires a lot of running or swimming can be considered a workout. A game of basketball, volleyball or tennis 3 times per week is also a form of workout. Climbing a hill or a mountain, or going horseback riding counts as a workout too. Not every model has to follow a gym workout; the secret is to find something that she loves, so that she won’t be bored while working out.

The one certain thing for models is that they work out extra hard when a show is coming, and during 2 or 3 months before the show, they work out almost every day and sometimes even twice in a day. These work outs combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle help the models acquire the body that promote their career.

Do models still eat cotton balls?

I want to believe that the mankind has left behind the excruciating methods used to keep models skinny. The “cotton ball diet”, believed to be a myth, has been confirmed to be true after all. Many models used to eat cotton balls soaked in fruit juices in order to fool their stomachs into feeling full. This happened in between shows or during fashion weeks and other big events, so that they wouldn’t gain any weight.

Another famous method which goes back to 1990’s is the use of laxatives and other prescribed pills or drugs. These were used to cut off the hunger of the models and keep their bodies “empty”, by cleaning their digestive system. All of these methods were adopted, so that the scale wouldn’t show more than 55 kilograms (120 lbs.).The majority of the fashion designers and people working in the industry didn’t seem to be bothered by these methods, as they didn’t discourage the girls from performing them.

It is clear that we cannot be 100% sure for the termination or the continuity of these methods, but it is positive that nowadays companies engaged in the fashion industry tend to choose healthier-looking girls and even plus-sized models for their campaigns. This could be the cause for the decrease of cases of anorexic and bulimic girls.

Well, remember that Victoria Secret’s models are not aliens; they have their cheat meals, their carbs and sweet or savory weaknesses, but then they have to work very hard in order to lose these calories and burn fat cells. Generally speaking though, they have crazy schedules and spend lots of hours on set and rehearsals, as well as travelling, so they deserve it. Don’t let it slip your mind, that Victoria Secret’s models have also to carry their angel wings which even though look great and superb, they are also disproportionate and weigh almost 15-18 pounds!

To conclude, don’t forget that each person has a different metabolism and lifestyle, and even if he or she puts the most effort in losing weight, it could still not work. Genetics also play a great role in this. Not everyone is able to acquire the proportions of a model easily, as it requires a lot of work, and not everyone should acquire them. Learning to love your body as it is, and following a healthy diet is the most important things to keep in mind.

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